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May 13 2020



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May 31, 2020, 7:00 AM – 9:30 PM GMT+8




Alfie Kohn. Ray Girn. Elsa Chahin. Jesmine Lok. Amanda Hsu. Candy Dou. Daisy Lau. Michelle Wing. Gurubachan Singh Khalsa. Bill Conway. Christine Harrision. Zhou Yanling. Cliff Yan. Emily Ouyang. Paula Zhou. Tommy Zheng. Helen Greenwood. Joel Mendes. Mariana Serralde. Ben and Titi Hill. Elizabeth Park. Dr. Tad Pu. Robert Pereira. Julia Feste. Ducky Zhao. Michael Strong. Biana Wang. Ruth Anne Hammond. Mollie Li. Karin Ann. Vicky Chen. Michelle Gao and James Lu. Maria Xianyu Meng. Meishan Hutchinson. Helen Zhang. 

And MANY more!



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Alfie Kohn writes and speaks widely about education, parenting, and human behavior. He is the author of 14 books, including Punished by Rewards, Unconditional Parenting, The Schools Our Children Deserve, and The Myth of the Spoiled Child. Kohn's criticisms of rewards and competition have helped to shape the thinking of educators – as well as parents and managers – around the globe. A popular American magazine described him as the country’s “most outspoken critic of education’s fixation on grades and test scores.” He lectures widely and has been featured on numerous TV programs, including two appearances on “Oprah.” Among the hundreds of articles Kohn has published: “Five Reasons to Stop Saying ‘Good Job!’”, “The Case Against Grades,” “Why Self-Discipline Is Overrated,” and "Confusing Harder With Better." Kohn lives (actually) in Boston and (virtually) at


Christine has been involved in Montessori education since 1985 and was Principal of the Canberra Montessori School, one of the largest Montessori schools in Australia, for over 20 years. As well as educational leadership, Christine has a background in mediation, mentoring, conflict management and adult education with an emphasis on empowering individuals and building good communication skills. She was the founding President of Montessori Australia and for the last 12 years has been a senior consultant working with Montessori schools and childcare centres.  Christine sits on the board of AMI and is currently a Montessori school administration consultant. 
Christine has trained, coached and mentored mediators during her time as Executive Director with the Conflict Resolution Service in Canberra, and more recently has presented workshops for Montessori teachers and leaders on people skills, mentoring and communication. She co-developed the AMI Administrators Certificate Course and is an AMI Certified Trainer for this course which she has given in several cities in China, in Thailand, the USA, Switzerland, France and Geneva. She has presented at Montessori conferences in Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, China and the USA. Christine is also a registered Marriage and Funeral Celebrant.


Founder and CEO of Higher Ground Education. 
Ray  Girn  received an BSc with honors from the  University of Toronto, with a focus on  philosophy and neuropsychology, as well an  AMI Montessori teaching diploma from the  Montessori Institute of San Diego. 
Prior to founding Higher Ground, Ray had a 13-year career with  LePort  Schools. Ray  led a team of educators in architecting  LePort’s school curriculum and program. In 2010,  he took over as CEO, built a world class  management team, and implemented an  ambitious growth strategy and R&D culture to  achieve quality at scale. In 5 years, Ray and his  team took the company from a small, local  family business of 3 schools to the largest  Montessori operator in the United States.  
In March 2016, Ray founded Higher Ground  Education with the goal of creating a  comprehensive international platform to drive  the spread of high quality, high fidelity  Montessori programs, as well as to conduct the  research and development necessary to extend  Montessori principles to new, innovative  models of secondary education.


Bill Conway has been the Principal of Montessori East in Sydney since 2007. His education career has spanned more than four decades and has included classroom teaching (primary, secondary and adult levels), school counselling, and school principalships in a variety of public and independent schools around the world. He has recently worked to help develop the AMI Administrator’s Certificate Course and presents this course internationally. His latest achievement involved leading his school through a rapid transition to Home Learning and successfully maintaining a strong school community throughout the process. Bill is in the process of retiring from full time work, hoping to dedicate more time to his family and his favourite projects. He continues to live in Sydney, Australia and hopes to once again visit Montessori communities far and wide.


Dr. Tad Pu is director of center for developmental disorders of United Family Shanghai Xincheng Hospital. He graduated with his medical degree from Nanjing Medical University and completed his residency, as a student of Professor Tao Kuo-Tai, in child and adolescent psychiatry in Nanjing Medical University-affiliated Brain Hospital. Dr. Pu has also trained in the United States as a special educator in the areas of behavioral therapy, psychological evaluation, and counseling for children and families with developmental and behavioral disorders. He has worked for more than 30 years in the United States, Hong Kong, and Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai in mainland China for children and adolescents struggling with developmental disorders, such as ASD, ADHD, intellectual disorders, speech delay, learning disorders and Tourette’s syndrome. He has also had extensive experience in the field of child and adolescent mental disorders like depression, anxiety disorders and early onset psychotic disorders, bipolar disorder and personality disorders. 

Dr. Pu is licensed in China as a psychiatric physician specializing in developmental psychiatry. He is a registered international member of Academy of American Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. He was also registered special education teacher in Texas, US and Hong Kong. 


Elsa Chahin, President and CEO of Pikler USA is an in-demand speaker, writer, teacher, infant-toddler consultant, and is one of only two Pikler® certified and accredited trainers of the Pikler® Pedagogy in North America. In addition, Chahin, a RIE® Associate, has served as a keynote speaker and presenter at over 125 national and international conferences and seminars on the topic of caring for babies with respect. She recently co-authored the book, In Loving Hands: How the Rights for Young Children Living in Children’s Homes Offer Hope and Happiness In Today’s World, with Anna Tardos, Dr. Pikler’s daughter. Chahin, who has been mentored by Ute Strub since 2004 and named as her successor, is a working group leader for World Forum Foundation™, a PITC Trainer and a UCLA Certified Lactation Educator. Chahin, a rare leader who not only brings passion and commitment to her work, but also a deep knowledge coupled with both insight and generosity, was a professional ballerina and has practiced yoga, meditation and mindfulness for 25 years. Above all, she is a joyous mom.


Dr. Elizabeth Park is currently an Assistant Professor and Director of Early Childhood and Montessori Programs at Chaminade University of Honolulu, USA. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics from UCLA, Master of Art in Interior Design from Pratt Institute, Master of Education in Early Childhood Education with Montessori Credential from Chaminade University of Honolulu, and a Ph.D. in Educational Technology from the University of Hawai’i at Manoa.


Ruth Anne Hammond, consultant and author of Respecting Babies: A Guide to Educaring for Parents & Professionals  2nd Edition (Zero to Three 2019), is a RIE® Mentor, and past-President of Resources for Infant Educarers®. She was faculty in the Human Development Department at Pacific Oaks College & Children's School, as well as head of its Infant/Toddler-Parent Program. She currently speaks and leads RIE® courses for parents and professionals in the US and abroad, and studies affective neuroscience with Dr. Allan N. Schore.  



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